Monday, March 22, 2010

Get acquainted...

If you miss M.I.A...

Consider Canadian dancehall/electro duo Bonjay:
Bonjay-"Gimmee Gimmee(Smalltown Romeo remix)"

If you like Annie...

Consider Swedish electro-pop trio Blänk:
Blänk-"DJ Play That Rave Arpeggio"

If you like Animal Collective...

Consider emerging West Coast act Baby Monster...
Baby Monster-"She Comes Alive(Jocks Remix)"

If you like Holy! Ghost...

Consider Aussie electro duo Jump Jump Dance Dance...
Jump Jump Dance Dance-"Show Me The Night(Human Life's West Coast Girls Remix)"

If you like The Crookers...

Consider Dirty Super Cars, apparently signed by London based label Grand Hotel...
Dirty Super Cars-"Get A Grip(The Loops Of Fury Remix)"

If you miss Pendulum...

Consider Londoners, The Count & Sinden...
The Count & Sinden-"Strange Things"

If you are bored w/your normal Yelle selection...

Consider a TEPR remix...
Yelle-"Ce Jeu (TEPR remix)"

If you're the fist pumping type...

Consider Frenchie, David Guetta...
David Guetta- "I Wanna Go Crazy Ft. Will.I.Am"

If you really dislike Lady Gaga like I do...

Consider YouTube sensation Pomplamoose's cover...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ella Mueve La Cintura Y Tambien Los Pies

Spring Break is 2 weeks away. Where are you going? If I had it my way, I'd like to go to some hot Latin country but I can't. So tequila, a red dress and these songs will do.

Jean Claude Ades- Shingaling(radio edit)

Asteroids Galaxy Tour-Crazy(Baby Grand Remix)

Bassnectar-Yo (Speaker Junks Jackin Brazilian Rave Rmx)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Prediction: Summer 2010 Song

I present to you, Foster The People. I came across them from watching some videos on the Anna Sui FW2010 show on NYLONTV. I am confident that their song "Pumped Up Kicks" is going to blow up by summer time and will probably end up on some CW show like Gossip Girl or HBO' How to Make it in America, trickling down to mainstream Amuuurica. The band is quite new that I couldn't find any information on them. If MGMT and Peter, Bjorn and John had a lovechild, Foster The People would be it. You can hear their album or I guess EP at
Foster The People- Pumped Up Kicks

Thursday, February 25, 2010


In the past 2 months we have had 2 blizzards, #3 is on its way. Wanna fight the bitter cold? Round up some good friends, good booze & hold an impromtu dance party! These tuuunes should keep you warm & toasty!Art by Pietari Posti:

Vampire Weekend-Cousinz (Toy Selectah Mex-More Remix)
Yeasayer-O.N.E. (XXXChange Remix)
Art V.S Science- Parlez Vous Francais

The Heavy-How You Like Me

Charlotte Gainsbourg- Trick Pony
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeors- Home

Saturday, January 9, 2010

See You on the Dancefloor

Its Friday night back in NY & Saturday night here in Tokyo, so put on your dancing shoes & go shake your money maker! The play list below will get your pre-gaming rolling, or hell, maybe just bring the party to your house! I'm heading out to La Fabrique tonight where Mademoiselle Yulia will be spinning! Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The XX: a band I wish would be kept a secret

The XX:
It's been awhile since I've listened to a band and their album consistently. This all changed when I came across The XX this past summer. The south west London band made NME's (the British equivalent to Rolling Stones magazine, if not better) The Future 50 List. The band has already toured with Florence+The Machine (another great act to check out) as well as the U.S leg of the Friendly Fires tour. Their songs are dark, moody and brilliant, featuring both male and female vocals. The original state of their songs are already amazing enough, but the remixes that have surfaced the net just add more of an edge. Their music is already spreading like wildfire across the globe and I can't wait to hear more from them.

This isn't the original video or version of the song but this remix is one of my faves at the moment and it's also accompanied by a sweet Godard clip.

Basic Space (Pariah Remix).mp3"The XX- "Basic Space (Pariah Rmx)"

The XX-"You Got The Love"

The XX-"Shelter(Death to the Throne Rmx"

The XX-"Islands(Nosaj Thing Rmx)"

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Brooklyn We Go Hard

Even though I love being back home & don't really want to leave, I do miss NY, specifically Brooklyn! I miss the flea markets on Sundays, having drinks w/friends at the bars and chilling out at the waterfront park down the street from my apartment that has an amazing view of Manhattan. I live in Williamsburg, a melting pot for aspiring musicians and artists. Some bands that hail from Williamsburg are the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on The Radio and MGMT. Notorious B.I.G 'and Jay-Z' childhood neighborhood are a couple of stops away too. So this post is dedicated to my favorite borough: BROOKLYN! & songs that remind me of it!